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Ontario Bible College 

baccalaureate Service 

April 25, 1969 


QraduatioH Service 

April 26, 1969 



(Phil. 2:5) 

baccalaureate Seruice 

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1969 

Walmer Road Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario 
Chairman: Dr. William R. Foster, Academic Dean 

Organ Prelude "Arioso" — Handel 

Warren E. Adams, M.Mus. 

Processional "Lead on, O King Eternal" — Shirtlett-Smart 

Invocation Rev. B. Gordon Wright, b.a., th.m. 

Hymn "Crown Him with Many Crowns" — Elvey 

Scripture Reading — II Timothy 4:1-5 Ronald J. Unruh 

Co-President, Graduating Class 

Musical Selection Senior Male Quartet 

Prayer Rev. Robert B. Strimple, b.a., th.m. 

Welcome from Alumni Association Rev. Murray L. Hicks, 

President, Alumni Association 

Presentation of Bible Society Award Rev. W. C. Hewitt 

District Secretary, Canadian Bible Society 

Class Hymn "May the Mind of Christ, My Saviour" — Barham-Gould 

Choral Selection "The Lord Is My Shepherd"— MaUhews 

Sermon "The Servant of God and His 

High Calling" — Dr. Stewart L. Boehmer, d.d. 

Hymn "Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned" — Hastings 

Benediction Rev. William J. Wallace, b.a., m.ed. 

Recessional "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven" — Lyte-Goss 

Organ Postlude Psalm /9— Marcello 


May the mind of Christ, my Saviour, Live in me from day to day, 
By His love and pow'r controlling All I do and say. 

IVIay the Word of God dwell richly in my heart from hour to hour. 
So that all may see I triumph Only through His pow'r. 

May the peace of God, my Father, Rule my life in everything. 
That I may be calm to comfort Sick and sorrowing. 

May the love of Jesus fill me. As the waters fill the sea; 

Him exalting, self abasing. This is victory. 

May I run the race before me. Strong and brave to face the foe, 

Looking only unto Jesus As I onward go. 

May His beauty rest upon me As I seek the lost to win. 

And may they forget the channel, Seeing only Him. 


Crown Iliin wiih many trowns. {\\v I.anih u|>m His Throne; 
Hark, how the hoa\rnl\ anthorn ilrowns All musii' hut its f)wn! 
Awake, my s«>ul. and sins Of Him Who died for thci\ 
And hail Him as thy niatihl»~.s King ThrouRh all eternity. 

Crown Him the .Son of (;<h1 Before the worlds bei'.an. 

And ye. who tread where He hath triwl. Clrown Him the .Son of Man; 

Wh<i every jjrief haih known That wrings the human breast. 

And takes and boars them for His own That all in Flim may rest. 

Crown Him the Lord of life. Who triumphed o'er the grave. 
And rose victorious in the strife I'or those He rame to save; 
His glories now we sing Who died, and rose on high. 
Who died, eternal life to bring. And lives that death may die. 

Crown Him the Lord of love! Behold His hands and side. 
Rich wounds, yet visible above. In beauty glorified: 
All hail. Redeemer, hail! For Thou hast died for me: 
Thy praise shall never, never fail Thrnuphnut eternity. 


Majestic sweetness sits enthroned Upon the Saviour's brow; 

His head with radiant glories crowned. His lips with grace o'erflow. 

His lips with grace o'erflow. 

No mortal can with Him compare. Among the sons of men; 
Fairer is He than all the fair That fill the heavenly train. 
That fill the heavenly train. 

He saw me plunged in deep distress, He flew to my relief; 
For me He bore the shameful cross And carried all my grief. 
And carried all my grief. 

To Him I owe my life and breath. And all the joys I have; 

He makes me triumph over death. And saves me from the grave. 

And saves me from the grave. 

Since from His bounty I receive Such proofs of love divine. 

Had I a thousand hearts to give. Lord, they should all be Thine, 

Lord, they should all be Thine. 


Rejoice, the I^rd is King: Your Lord and King adore! 
Rejoice, give thanks, and sing. And triumph evermore: 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice! Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! 

Jesus, the Saviour, reigns. The God of truth and love; 

When He had purged our stains. He t<x)k His seat above: 

Lift up your heart, lift up your voice! Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! 

His Kingdom cannot fail. He rules o'er earth and heav'n: 

The keys of death and hell Are to our Jesus giv'n: 

Lift up your heart, lift up your voice! Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! 

Rejoice, in glorious hope! Our Lord the Judge shall cxime. 

And take His .servants up To their eternal home. 

Lift up your heart, lift up your voitv! Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! 

(graduation Service 


Varsity Arena 
Chairman: Dr. Stewart L. Boehmer, President 

Instrumental Prelude Maureen Hall (organ), C. Elizabeth Percy, a.t.c.m. 


Processional "Praise Ye the Lord" — Winkworth 

(The audience will remain seated) 
God Save the Queen 
O Canada 

Invocation Dr. W. Gordon Brown, m.a., d.d. 

Dean, Central Baptist Seminary 
Keswick Doxology Student Choir 

Hymn "Rejoice, the Lord is King" — Darwall 

Musical Selection "Arise, My Soul, Arise" — Williams 

Student Choir 
Witness by Graduating Students Peggy Radcliff, Anand Chaudhari 

Musical Selection "We Rest on Thee, Our Shield and 

Our Defender" — Sibelius 

Augmented Chorale 

Witness by Graduating Students Audrey Haddon, Ronald Unruh 

Musical Selection "The Wondrous Cross" — Watts-Himmel 

„ Augmented Chorale 


Musical Selection "Hallelujah, Mount of Olives" — Beethoven 

Student Choir 
The College Hymn 

Presentation of Graduation Honours Rev. Kermit A. Ecklebarger, m.a. 

Presentation of Graduating Class Dr. William R. Foster, b.a., th.d. 

Prayer of Dedication Dr. Stewart L. Boehmer, d.d. 

Choral Blessing The Lutkin Benediction 


1. Jesus our Lord, our Light and our Salvation, 
Inspire our lips to sing Thy worthy fame, 
Spreading abroad to every tribe and nation. 
The saving knowledge of Thy glorious Name. 

2. Help us O Lord, to keep our pledge unbroken, 

Guard Thou our ways, our thoughts, our tongues, our hearts; 
Help us to trust the Word which Thou hast spoken. 
That from Thy paths, our feet may ne'er depart. 

3. Here in these halls of learning and devotion 
Let mind and heart be taught Thy holy will; 
Then lead us forth, amid this world's commotion, 
Our high and sacred calling to fulfil. 

4. Help us O Lord! Our strength is only weakness: 
Thine, Thine the power by which alone we live; 
Help us each day to bear the cross with meekness, 
Till Thou at last the promised crown shah give. 

Cjnuiuah'S l^6S-69 


l.iiiiia Anil l>'>l;>iii roriinto, Ont. 

I)i>ri>ihv ([iin.lMi |-nrt|iihar, Rci^.N. 

I>(»v\nsvir\v, Ont. 
Wayne Riihard I uri)uhur IXmnsvirw. C)m. 
Pamria Pnlriua Kliurt St nrUuouKh. Ont. 

Shrilo Ann Milkmaid I'.ironio, ( )nl. 

Hflcn |-li/ah<Ml) KnlH-rivt.n ( Khawa. Ont. 

I.ois Ivy Sandlilands 'ronmio. Ont 


lulward \S'illiain Binisi-nki) ! orunin, ( )nt. 

Franit»stt) I.iuz/i l>i\\nsvic\v, Ont. 

Sandra Myrtle Periy lloKriKKl. Ont. 

I>»rvas Shiirn KowlcMin, Hunj" Kong 

Marry Andrew Weatherhead Tdronti), ( )nt. 

Mary I'llen Wen/el HesiJeler. Ont. 


J. Clar\ Andres 
Anne ('aroline Bailey 
Funiit* Ruth Cudiniire 
David (lerald Clt^jr^e 
I>)nald Robert Niio! 
Kennrtli Mer\in Plant 


iriani .xrli'iie 


port I Uimn. Mull. 

Burlington, Ont. 

Barrie. Ont. 

Newark, N.Y. 

Jarvis, Ont. 

Nanaimo, B.C'. 

Jordan Station. Ont. 


Nancy Anne Ehy Waterloo, Ont. 



Christian Education 

Rosalie Viola Adams Meaford. Ont. 

Agnes Joyce Ananichuk Brantford, Ont. 

Ernest Raymond Briggs Toronto, Ont. 

William Berend Buikema Toronto, Ont. 

Ruth Eileen Cavey (Ottawa, Ont. 

Jennifer Ann Charlton Milton, Ont. 

Carol Joy Church Orillia, Ont. 

Larry Allen Clements I>iw nsview. Ont. 

Ceraldine Florent* Collelt Scarborough, Ont. 
Marguerite Connaty Oshawa, Ont. 

Robert Edward William Cottrill 

Scarborough, Ont. 
Donna Jean Davidson Kamloops, B.C. 

Donald Allan Fama I^ndon, Ont. 

.Audrey Catherine Lynn Haddon 

Fort William, Ont. 
Dorothy Ethel Hamili^'" '^'■>n.'\ Creek, Ont. 
Charlotte Dale James Media. Penna. 

Kathryn Anne Kelley Paris, Ont. 

Gene Walton King (Chesapeake, Va. 

Volker Norbert Klaue Toronto. Ont. 

Robert Edward Luck-Baker Windsor, Ont. 

Dyane Matthews Toronto, Ont. 

Ian David Percy Toronto, Ont. 

Roberta Joan Powell Toronto, Ont. 

F'egg) Ann RndJiir Kalnina'oo. Mi« li 

Barbara Iran lynne Rankine Preston. On; 
(iolUvn Reid Ottawa. On' 

F!d\thi' Marion .Sorlev Two Mountains. (Ju< 
Wing-Sien Tai. S.R.N , SC M 

Kowloon, Hong Kon. 
RoIh'M Maxwell Vague. B.Ih. 

StoufTville. Ont 
Marjofie Ann Wright Weston, Oni 

Pastoral Studies 

R<Hlnry Riihard IJartlctt Barrio. Ont 


Margaret Patricia Burn 

('homedey, I^val, Qut- 
Barbro Mariann Ciustafsson 

Scarborough, Ont 
Andrew Frank James Media, Penn.i 

MaylH'th Ruth Knights, Reg.N. Toronto. Oni 
Maryke Pietjc Ix>enaar 

Winchester Springs, Ont. 
S. Ceorge Mc<;ullagh, R.'F. Toronto, Ont. 

IX)ugIas Jf)hn MiKellar Dm .Mills. Ont. 

Ci-orgina Mi Tear Clasgow. Scotland 

William Rftbert Macfarlane. R.T. 

Toronto, Ont. 
Margaret Savage Sutherland, Reg.N. 

Strathroy, Ont. 
Bryan Charles Wiggleswonh, MB., Ch.B. 

Cheltenham, England 
I.Mula I/)uise Isaat London, Ont. 


Christian Education 

Wesley Jake Reddckop Ijindon, Ont. 

I>ireen Virginia &>merville Hamilton, Ont. 


D)nald Howard Scheel Kitchener, Ont 

Philip Williams, M.Ed. Toronto, Ont. 

John Frederick Booker Ottawa, (^nt. 

Pastoral Studies 

James Oladcpo .Akintola 

Ibadan, Nigeria. W. Africa 
Vj&x\ John Ambrose Toronto, Ont. 

Carol Ann Belford Toronto, Ont. 

Isaac Baba Bello Jos, Nigeria. W. Africa 

Anand Kumar Chaudhari Delhi. India 

Paul Douglas Hofx" Uxbridge. Ont 

Lame Carl Johnv)n Brantford. Oni 

Thomas Roger Phinnemore Toronto. Ont 

Jack Postma. A.A.S.-A. Penh,West Australia 
Howard I")orman Quinton Scarborough, Ont. 
Ronald James rnruh Clarkson, Ont. 

Eugene Allen Wright Weston, Ont. 

John Albert Weiler Hanover, Ont. 



The John McNicol Scholarship 

The E. G. Baker Scholarship 

The Merlin Grove Memorial Missionary Scholarship 

Alumni Scholarships (three) 

Academic Awards: 

Proficiency Awards 

The Graduate General Proficiency Award 

The Undergraduate General Proficiency Award 

The Rev. R. J. Koffend Bible School General Proficiency Award 
Departmental Awards 

John McNicol Memorial Award in Biblical Studies 

J. B. Rhodes Memorial Award in Theology 

Percy H. Harris Memorial Award in Pastoral Studies 

William R. Quinn Award in Missions 

Lester Lankin Memorial Award in Christian Education 

Joseph C. Macaulay Award in Music 

Jean C. Scott Memorial Award in General Arts 

General Awards 

The Emma Heffer Memorial Award for Scripture Reading 
The Ex-Rabbi Henry Bregman Memorial Award 

Delta Epsilon Chi (Honour Society A.A.B.C.) 


Executive Officers — Board of Governors 

Robert McClintock Chairman 

Melvin L. Steinmann Vice-Chairman 

William W. Tyler Vice-Chairman 

Administration and Faculty 

W. E. Adams, M.Mus Chairman of Music Department 

S. L. Boehmer, D.D President 

W. H. Crump Director of Christian Service and Evening School 

A. E. Davidson Comptroller 

G. W. Dorey, B.Th. Dean of Men and Chairman of Pastoral Studies Department 

K. A. Ecklebarger, M.A Dean of Students 

P. Enns, M.A., B.D Chairman of Department of Christian Education 

W. R. Foster, B.A., Th.D Academic Dean 

J. D. Cast, B.S.M., A.R.C.T Department of Music 

J. Honeyman, B.A., Th.M Departments of Biblical Studies and General Arts 

Mrs. M. E. Hunter, B.A Librarian 

D. A. Leggett, B.A., Th.M Department of Biblical Studies 

M. M. Macleod, M.A., B.D Departments of Biblical Studies and Missions 

D. C. Percy Department of Missions and Director of Development 

Miss L. M. Scobie, B.R.E Registrar and Department of Christian Education 

E. L. Simmonds, M.A., B.D Chairman of Department of Biblical Studies 

R. B. Strimple, B.A., Th.M Chairman of Department of Theology 

C. A. Tipp, M.A., B.D Department of Missions and Ass't Director of Development 

W. J. Wallace, B.A., M.Ed Chairman of Department of Missions 

B. G. Wright, B.A., Th.M Chairman of Department of General Arts 

Mrs. H. J. Adams, M.A English 

Mrs. C. E. Percy, A.T.C.M Department of Music